Irregular Mums

19. The perfect time to stick stuff up your butt

June 19, 2020

Going slightly crazy in ISO, the Irregular Mums scoured the interwebs for sexy articles during Corona. After reading and listening widely, they pondered one podcaster's recommendation, that now is "the perfect time to stick stuff up your butt".

Go crazy, dear Irregulars!



Hidden Brain - Sex Machines (13 April 2020) - sex doll robots.



Sex dolls - spectator sport?

Cardboard cut outs - Five Dock Dining


Restaurants & mannequins - Virginia, US


STIs - down in our nation's capital


But gonorrhoea is up on the GC!


Top 10 Sexual Kinks during Corona


Zoom orgies and butt stuff ("Now is the perfect time to stick stuff up your butt")


Lick My Asshole Rimming - sexy toy


“Vaginal corona” - hymen


Hannah Gadsby


As we suspected - less sex during Corona:

Naked attraction