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14. Bingay!

14. Bingay!

November 25, 2019

In this podcast, the Irregular Mums interview the two amazing and deeply fascinating hosts of BINGAY - Charisma Belle and Naomi Palmer.

Learn all about how Bingay started, what it has achieved and how Charisma and Naomi got involved. It's a fabulous insight into this wonderful institution, just in time for it's 20th anniversary.

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13. Loo Review

13. Loo Review

November 11, 2019

The Irregular Mums conduct a much-needed AUDIT of these oft-neglected essential areas of a bar or club - the toilets. Anyone who consumes ANY liquid in a club or bar, will find themselves in a bathroom before long. And the state of a bathroom can have a big impact on one's enjoyment of the night.

GIRD YOUR LOINS and brace yourself for a barrage of toilet humour as the Irregular Mums flush out all the important issues. 

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12. PopTarts Nov 19

12. PopTarts Nov 19

November 4, 2019

Better late than never! This week the IM's discuss All The Things:

The Big Fact Hunt at the Warrenview Hotel every Tuesday, hosted by Felicity Frockachino:

Halloween Whores:


Inner Fit Gym:



DJ Nate Presents:

DJ Ant Schillaci, Hot August House:

Joelby First Light:

Carly Rae Jepsen:

Funky House London; In The Mix, October 2019:

Irregular Lisa's Wigglin' playlist on Spotify:

Irregular Lisa's Chillin' playlist on Spotify:

Irregular Lisa's Early Dayz playlist on Spotify:

Oshie's Better Than Yesterday podcast:

Too Peas In A Podcast:

Best Judies Podcast:

Table Manners:

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11. Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

11. Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

October 23, 2019

The mums are fortunate to chat with the gorgeous, delightful and super-savvy Ruby May. If you're not familiar with her, check her out on Instagram here:

Ruby May chats about how she started her Instagram account account, why she decided to monetise her boobs and how she started making money from her body. The mums learn how someone like Ruby goes from starting an Instagram account to almost 1 million followers in less than 3 years.

For someone who makes money showing her boobs, there is a lot to cover, including how she handles creepy guys, women supporting women, what she tells her family, being treated like a celebrity, where she draws the line about what she will do online and WTF is going on with foot and milk fetishes.

Ruby_Mayyy's Only Fans account:

Ring light tripod:

Ruby May doesn't have any sponsorship (which is crazy for someone with almost 1 million eyeballs on her account) so see below for companies who we think should sponsor her:

The mums would like some free shit too, so please contact us at regarding a free and a lovely SS2020 wardrobe.

TOWIE Bobby Norris's half thong:

Foot fetishes are a thing:

Erotic lactation:

Ruby's other Instagram account featuring trolls:

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10. Attempting to adult in Adult World

10. Attempting to adult in Adult World

October 15, 2019

After such a fun and informative visit to The Toolshed, the Irregular Mums couldn't help themselves when they noticed Adult World (next to Palms) and so decided it was their civic duty to investigate an adult store so close to their spiritual home.

After a positive experience, they returned to interview Michael (the Manager) who explained an array of toys, devices and objects for sale that can be used for pleasure.

If you are considering buying any adult toys or lingerie we recommend that you visit Adult World (on Oxford St, Darlinghurst) as Michael will give you 20% off if you mention our podcast. You can see some of the products here:

We looked at many toys, but the main ones are discussed below:

  • Lelo - Sonic wave clitoral massager: "clitorally mind-blowing";
  • Lelo - G-spot massager;
  • Clandestine Mimic Plus;
  • Womaniser (not a Britney Spears song);
  • Extreme Sex Machine (looks like an Ant Eater);
  • Zumio - (looks like a tooth brush without the brush) - promises an orgasm in less than a minute;
  • Wevibe external vibrator (looks like a lime juicer) - the divet massages the clitoris;
  • Wevibe "mouse";
  • Wevibe lipstick vibrators (all Wevibe devices can be synced to devices);
  • Eva the Beaver (like a tiny water turtle);
  • 50 Shades Freed purple bondage gear;
  • Fleshlight Launch - syncs to porn and thrusts in time;
  • Dongs;
  • Deep'r Pole - looks like a silicon black witches hat;
  • Butt plug tails;
  • Rabbits;
  • Sharevibe strapless strap-on.

All of the toys above are in store and amazing! Not a sponsored podcast - Michael and all the staff were just super lovely and helpful. 

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9. Group sex with Jinx Tasman

9. Group sex with Jinx Tasman

October 9, 2019

Yep, the Irregular Mums are back discussing group gay sex with a real live person (name disguised to protect the innocent/guilty), Jinx Tasman, who is happy to share his experiences with the mums.

It's another enlightening chat, full of wonder, eye-raising experiences and wise words of advice. Of course, this is Jinx's experience alone, and Jinx and the mums are keen to point out that not all gay men do this, nor are all even remotely interested. But being the nosey and relatively sheltered souls that they are, the Irregular Mums are keen to probe Jinx to get to the nitty gritty.

Jinx mentions that most group meet-ups at private parties are via 'dating' apps, but a quick google search reveals that other events can also be accessed online:

Some sex on premises venues:

A gay and bi sex on premises venue, Arrows, now in Rydalmere:






8. Mums Make Porn

8. Mums Make Porn

October 3, 2019

This week, something shiny and porny has caught the Irregular Mums' attention. They decide that since they've watched some gay group sex porn, it was time to redress the balance with some straight group sex porn and they head on over to X Videos again. Porn links are, quite obviously, NSFW or suitable for young/easily offended peeps.

First porn:

Second one:

SBS Documentary, Mums Make Porn:

Andrew Denton interview with Angela White, Australia's most successful porn star:

And not discussed in the podcast, but an interesting article on amateur porn:

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7. PopTarts Sept 19

7. PopTarts Sept 19

September 25, 2019

The Irregular Mums have been immersing themselves in more popular kulcha and unsurprisingly, have a lot to say (especially Claire).


In this episode, they're a part of the studio audience of The Masked Singer:

Bachie recaps: Rosie Waterland's podcast, Just The Gist:

Ru Paul's Drag Race UK:

Beverley Hills 90210 Reboot:

The L Word: Generation Q:


Taylor Swift's Lover:

Katy Perry, Small Talk:

Katy Perry Small Talk Teaser:

G's House Sessions:

Other things we like:

Fashion Critical:

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6. Diva Fever

6. Diva Fever

September 23, 2019

This week, the Irregular Mums attend the annual Diva Awards, which acknowledge excellence in the drag community. What a sparkly and wonderful night! Congratulations to Sheila Blige and the team who brought the event to life. They also went to Troye Sivan's Sydney concert. The big question on their lips was: has he learned to dance yet? Find out more below:

Todrick Hall on Cameo:

Todrick Hall on Wiki:

How to get yourself listed on Wiki:

Diva Award winners:

Diva Awards Photos (by the lovely Mark from Deepfield Photography) Ceremony & Winners:

Diva Red Carpet featuring Irregular Mums:

Fran Giapanni:


Joshua Heath:

Twiggy Styx:

Sam Thompson:

Troye Sivan:

SMH Review of Troye's concert:

Sam Smith announces their non-binary status:


5. A Face For Romance

5. A Face For Romance

September 11, 2019

This week we interview the gorgeous Kyle Olsen about how being super-handsome can have its downside (like having your photos used in SCAMS!). We also chat to him about seeing the Spice Girls live in concert in Manchester and one of our favourite topics, how Geri Halliwell is the new Posh Spice. But where did Ginger go?

See Kyle selling the sh*t out of the Ab Circle Pro Deluxe:

Romance scam information here:

Spice Girls concert info:

A plug for Kyle's lush travel business, Hermes Holidays: