Irregular Mums

17. Love In The Time Of Corona

May 11, 2020

Inevitably, the Mums had to address the elephant in the room - Coronavirus. Taking a novel approach to the its analysis, the mums decide to navigate SEX in the time of Corona.

Show notes below, friends!

We have new clip on microphones - can you tell?! 

Grindr - naughty  in the time of COVID. Please don't touch one another unless with a long 1.5m tickly wand.

Rolling Stone sex toy article - sales are up!

Connect your teledildonics (Not Terry Dildonics) here:   - go on - dare you!!

Photo Lasso - putting dicks on pics:

Sexy times with COVID

and this

ACON says no -

OnlyFans - have you got something people will pay to see?

Sex worker article from Newsweek

Preventing Coronavirus - Sperm smoothies. Anyone? Anyone?

Guardian article - so must be true! COVID in semen:

YouTube Channel with amazing DJ's + videos - Cercle -

Circus of Books - Netflix Doco -

PFLAG - Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

Poddie - UNFLOPPED - sounds rude, but is utterly delightful

Instagram - DJ Fat Tony (@dj_fattony)

Defected Virtual Festival on Youtube -

Glitterbox -

HomoDisko by 4theLove -

Purple Disco Machine -

Bob Sinclar on Facebook - check out his 55 days of daily sets - we dare you not to fall in love with him:

You can of course still follow us on Instagram @irregularmums and on Facie here

Coronasutra meme

Gay version. Sorry ladies, no lesbian version.