Irregular Mums

2. A Porncast

August 19, 2019

Since we have so many opinions about gay, group and other people's sex, we thought we should actually watch some gay group sex porn, just for educational purposes of course.

Is there a difference between an orgy and group sex? How does it all work? Is there a planning session with whiteboards and bells or does everyone just muck in? Listen to the irregular, but exceedingly vanilla but ever curious mums navigate some of their many questions as they watch some gay group sex porn for the first time.

Our conversations aren't lewd or pornographic, but are adult-themed. However the links below will take you to EXPLICIT SITES, so they're NSFW. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Our chat is more hilarious than offensive, but everyone's insult-o-meter is different. We discuss the following:

Is there a difference between group sex and orgies?

How many people make an orgy? NZ Herald:

How to plan an orgy:

So You Think You Can Fuck:

24 Boys Orgy:

Denis Reed In Gay Group Orgy: